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's going worldwide thanks to chuck. we took it everywhere. >> this whole city loves chuck brown, from kids to senior citizens. they want to pay homage to a great man who loved so much music, so much love. ♪ it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday ♪ thank you, chuck brown. >> reporter: that is just one of the gentlemen who will be performing here today in just a few moments inside the convention center. i've got to tell you since we've been covering the passing and the celebration of chuck brown's life, i've heard so many wonderful stories about how he loved his fans and each and every one it seems has a picture with chuck brown. i'm told he carved out 30 minutes out of every single performance, even up until the last and final performances of his life just so he could sit with people, take some pictures, sign autographs so family members say listen, it is only fitting and appropriate that we share this final goodbye and farewell with all the fans that meant so much to chuck brown. back to you, lesli. >> if you would like to loner chuck brown's memory, his family asked that donations b
it is just go go music. but we love chuck because chuck brown, he was loved. and we love chuck brown because chuck brown, he was family. and we love chuck because chuck, he did everything that he could for d.c. >> and when you come behind, you know, you'll see that chuck was the go go. and go go to like washington, d.c. and like jazz is to the new orleans. like country music is to nashville, tennessee. but he's the god father of go go. and today we'll stand here for the entire council in addition to columbia to say thank you to the families for sharing a wonderful man. i know it was hard and difficult, but you shared it with so many people. and he made d.c. what they are today. >> there are so many things that people say are the nation's capital. let me tell you it may be the nation's capital, but go go is the district of columbia's music, thanks to chuck brown. >> and so many people, they have come out today, but don't you think we need to find a way to remember him forever? his music will be here forever, but we need to find a way to remember him forever. and so council members, mr. chair
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: syrians shouted in anger and relief, anxious to tell their stories of the weekend's horrific massacre to u.n. observers and a television team. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we go inside the town of houla with alex thomson of "independent television news," the first journalist to report from there. >> brown: then, we turn to the 2012 presidential match-up on track to be the most expensive contest ever. >> woodruff: we examine the internet virus known as "the flame" that may be able to snatch data and eavesdrop on computer users. >> brown: in the first of two reports, paul solman assesses the true cost of student-loan debt, now topping $1 trillion. >> reporter: beth hansen has just started making loan payments: $468 a month. will she ever pay off her loans? >> i may die first. so. in which case, they would need a copy of my death certificate to finally cancel my loan. >> woodruff: ray suarez talks with dolores huerta, honored with the presidential medal of
, "on your side." >> a live look from the convention center for the funeral service for chuck brown about to begin any minute now. lining up to say their goodbyes to the man known as the godfather of go-go. many big names are attending today's memorial service. john? >> there are more than 14,000 people inside for this special memorial service. pretty much all of the seats are taken. this is the program they are handing out at the door for the thousands of fans to say goodbye to the godfather of go-go. each fan has a special story. hundreds of people started lining up well before the road were blocked and before the doors were opened. >> chuck brown was wonderful. he was such a legacy. >> inside, mourners are greeted by a montage as they walk by and the casket. >> 1986 my wife for graduating and chuck brown was doing a live report from the hotel room. i left my wife in the hotel. >> many fans had a chance to meet the 75-year-old godfather of go-go. today, those here are adopting this day as chuck brown day. >> he never turns you down. >> i used to sneak in the theater on the side of
egend chuck brown as hundreds pay their respects at a public memorial. >> plus a local man posing outrage against the president the charges, and what his wife says is really going on. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you are with us on this thursday morning may 31. a beautiful start to the day. it should be nice all the way around. good morning, i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. lisa baden is here to pick us off. >> some traffic in forestville, maryland, is getting by there was a fatal crash overnight on marlboro pike and donnell drive. is no longer completely closed. we will have more details on that. if let's go to newschopper 7 looking at a crash on 66 eastbound live. this is just before the beltway would do is expected from 123 pass nutley street. they are trying to move everyone on to the left shoulder. only the two right lanes open. -- past nutley street. now to adam caskey. >> things will take a turn tomorrow for the afternoon hours. beautiful picture right now of the federal ci
. >> after two weeks of remembrances, d.c. will bid a final farewell to local music legend brown. >> thousands attended tuesday's viewing at how water theatre. now thousands are expected to -- howard theatre. now thousands are expected to show up for his funeral. delia goncalves is live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. tuesday was a pretty incredible day. we're likely to see that again. organizers say this is going to be the kind of musical sendoff, the largest that the city has ever seen with local and national artists all coming to the convention center to pay tribute. several bands will be taking the stage today including the chuck brown band. the thousands of fans that we all saw lined up outside of howard theatre on tuesday will be in for quite a spectacular show. though brown's passing is certainly the end after chapter here in the district, folks have been celebrating his life's work and contribution to the city and today will certainly be no exception. >> you had louie armstrong transcends jazz. you have bob marli who developed a genre and transcends that. now y
washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this morning, the stardust said farewell to chuck brown. we are just a few hours away memorial service mourners housands of expected to attend. i am steve chenevey. i am pamela brown. we want to start with meteorologist at an caskey. looks get up there this morning. fairly low humidity. 4:30 30 now -- not a bad start. 63 in cumberland. a little bit warmer within the city. manassas checking in at 61 degrees. be in thet it will lower at 80's. a lot of sunshine. the lower humidity with that wind. the average hidebound will be about 83. -- high will be about 83. late-day thunderstorms tomorrow. into the weekend, upper 70's, humidity. if it is a smooth transition around the beltway. we should have the all-clear for everyone within the next 30 minutes or so. along to 70, heading out of frederick into montgomery county. out of gaithersburg, that is an area for virginia traffic, too. it all looks good. at 395 northbound, we had a collision on the 14th street bridge. we will look at that our next report. thank you so much. the news this morning,
service lasted for just over three hours. it ended with chuck brown's signature song. >> that's the thin that i liked about it. he didn't spell it out, you know, to try to take it to the world. they had to come and get it, you know, it stayed here. you know his kids were a part of the on-stage performance. they will continue to perform two of them here, outstanding football players with the big careers ahead of them. you saw the send off, probably won't be another one like them. chuck, thank you, thank you. and not a single tear in there. and they would have wanted it that way. they wanted them dancing and singing. that's what they got. >> and it started out with wind them up, chuck. they just kept going and going and we could feel the electricity here. and it must have been absolutely over the top for you being on the inside. >> oh, i don't know if you have been in the room with the great hall for the washington convention center. but they were rocking it at one point. the floor was rocking it up. and people jumped up and down and you could feel the floor rocking. i mean some people, th
to say good-bye and thanks as d.c. gets ready for a star-studded sendoff for chuck brown. uck brown. >>> good morning. we're taking a live look over washington, d.c. the sun has come up. it will be a glorious day. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. >> it always make me wish we had windows in the studio. >> in here, it is dark. >> i just peeked my head out the window and it will abby beautiful start. >> fantastic. >> temperatures in the 1r0, low humidity later on this afternoon. -- temperatures in the 80s, low humidity later on this afternoon. tomorrow, well have some changes so let's enjoy today. there is your radar. the cloud cover you see to the east of boston, that big swath of clouds, that is the leftovers of beryl that brought some heavy rain to the carolinas yesterday and brought parts of our area, lower eastern shore, some pretty good rain during the first half of yesterday. high pressure is building in temporarily complements of our friends from canada. that means or winds are out of the north which means a little less in the way of humidity than what we've
. it has been an emotional day for fans and family and friends of chuck brown. thousands pack to the washington convention center for today oppose the memorial. it was anything but a funeral. sam ford is live at the convention center to tell us how he got them wound up one more time. >> a day of great music funny stories, hilarious jokes, and general good feeling about a man named jack brown. he died may 16. -- named chuck brown. you can see it the way the fans turned out today. they came to party for chuck. they wound down the street and around the convention center waiting to get in and they were ready. same story inside. >> why me up, chuck. >> with the casket up front somewhere between 10,000 people and 12,000 people packed the convention center. >> it is one big party. >> musicians perform comedians kept one-liners coming. >> when can i get some more of that? >> he said let me get marion barry on the phone real quick. >>barry was a celebrity hero himself. -- celebrity here himself. his daughter said this is how he wanted it. >> one thing he did not when you do was crying.
controlled schools for military dependants in the south before the brown decision, and everybody who thinks that eisenhower was anti-brown really haven't done their homework, and you mentioned about my book. my book is not an opinion piece. there's not a phrase in it that's not rooted in a document or in compelling circumstantial evidence. that doesn't mean there isn't argument that can be had about motivation, but there's some things facts that aren't hidden hand facts as the phrase has become, supreme court appointments. eisenhower refused to appoint judges to federal courts who were known segregationists, refused to do that. john f. kennedy when he came in appointed those right and left, and i have to say to you, folks, i have a son named for jfk, if you want to know where i come from, okay? and, you know, it's going -- i have fun handing in the program, but, you know, facts are facts, so eisenhower did a lot. he didn't do some things that people would have liked to have seen him do, but we'll get back to little rock, because i don't want to preempt ernie talking about that, but little r
brown. >>> and it was a fitting send off for the god father of go go. part gospel service and part go go concert. >> a whose who of politician -- a who's who of politicians for the three-hour plus funeral at the washington convention center. >> and today, the celebration had so much rhythm and beat. look at that. even the mayor is dancing, well, sort of. bruce johnson was inside the service. he joins us with the rest of the story. >> the nation's capitol have never seen this kind of memorial service. ♪ trouble don't last >> you know what, d.c.. >> chuck was so down to earth. he was just seen through and through. >> there are so many stories i have heard that their lives have been turned around with just three minutes of his time. he's just an incredible man. ♪ [ music ] >> it was a combination of gospel revival, happy hours. and go go concerts. it seems to have never end. show your problems. >> this is amazing. this brought the city together. people are just loving it. people are smiling. people are happy. >> we kept him going for soing long. he really loves the people. he loves d.c.
center with the opportunity to say good-bye to chuck brown better known as the godfather of go-go. ♪ ♪ >> this afternoon's home going service for chuck brown was a chance for fans to mourn and celebrate. it was the celebration, though, of the music and the spirit that he shared with the world. derrick ward at convention center now with more. >> reporter: well, indeed, jim. you know, on the official documents this was called the funeral. the first actually ever here at the convention center. but if you were inside it was a totally different mood. you called it right. you said home going service. it was more about celebrating chuck brown's life than it was about dwelling on the circumstances of his passing. ♪ ♪ >> the mood for the afternoon a round of go-go and some of the personal fafts of chuck brown. >> chuck was always about d.c. >> reporter: in a few minutes it was gospel go-go again. ♪ >> reporter: it was truly a home going service with brown in death as in life still front and center. physically, and in the hearts of other go-go pioneers. >> it's hours, our own t
the minute we hear he is speaking to the public. >> we turn to the celebration for chuck brown. thousands lined up for a chance to say goodbye to the godfather of go-go. city officials and celebrities told personal stories. sam ford has more. plucks somewhere between 10,012 thousand chuck brown fans packed into the convention center today to say goodbye to a legend. chad brown fans packed into the washington convention center. -- chuck brown fans packed into the washington convention center. it was like a rock concert. most were there to celebrate a life rather than born a death. they were from different walks of life but there to honor a man who created a type of music. >> he know it is here to stay, right? >> i am -- i have been listening to go since i was 16. >> he was mobbed whenever he appeared on the street. all generations of washingtonians. at the funeral wreath butyral the crowd exploded at another a figure -- marion barry. >> this may be the nation's capital, but gogo is the district's music thing to chuck brown. those who knew him more said it was about more. he said it was abo
.c. legend chuck brown. >> the "godfather of go-go" died a couple weeks ago after battling pneumonia. john gonzalez is live at the convention center with more. >> d.c. will come together one last time for chuck brown. this will be a funeral like no other. chuck brown's funeral this afternoon will include a well- planned program and a spontaneous program at times. it will go nearly four hours long at the convention center. a prayer service will include a number of speeches from the mayor to comedian mike epps and there will be music gospel music to a little bit of go-go music. his band will perform a medley of his well-known songs, his greatest hits. if tuesday's public viewing was any indication, there will be thousands and thousands of people here today. howard theatre believes about 12,000 people came to see brown's open casket earlier this week. the 75-year-old passed away about two weeks ago after complications with pneumonia. he was d.c.'s adopted son. the city will show that with a large crowd today. all 14,000 seats in the convention center will be filled this afternoon. the doors w
to music icon. everything you need to know about chuck brown's public memorial. good morning to you. welcome to "news 4 today." ty i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. as you take a live look outside, 68 degrees. the sun is up and it's going to lead tom kierein to a beautiful day. >> gorgeous day under way. the birds are chirping. the air is cool and fresh. the humidity is low. this is just about as good as it can get on this may morning, the final day of may. going back 12 hours ago, those were the remnants of tropical storm beryl that inleashed tonights of rain. but over the last 12 hours it quickly raced out to sea and behind that high pressure has swepts in, cleared out the sky. all these areas in light green in the 60s across maryland, delaware, and into virginia and the district and farther west, the darker green areas, that's where we're in the 50s. most of western parts of maryland and the shenandoah valley, many locations are down into the 50s this morning. so quite a few start. reagan national now is at 69 degrees. and for your day today we'll have by noontime tempera
are expected today for a memorial service to chuck brown. it's a final goodbye to the man behind the d.c. sound of go go music. >> the doors won't open for hours but a big crowd is expected to show up early. delia goncalves is live at the convention center with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. a huge crowd expected. you can see that crews have already arrived setting up the barricades for the event that is likely to draw thousands of people. the doors open at 10:00 a.m. you can expect a rush of fans heading interest the doors to get that prime spot. we're told the doors will close when the capacity is reached and that's at 14,500 people. music will certainly mark the service with artists like sugar bear taking the stage. about 10,000 fans lined up for tuesday's viewing and so many more are expected for today's funeral services. chuck brown died two weeks ago at the age of 75 after four decades on the music scene. the creative -- brown taught himself guitar after spending time in jail as a young person. he was released and literally reinvented himself with a sound
in. teachers read a single at " black and brown bullies. but the superintendent says it's for their on good. did way to present evidence in the brands tokays when one of the suspect said mrs. mumbai after this attack u.s. hear the phone call. did place a hold of you? born on the seventh of december 19th. a super certain group of people who live and usually a long help the allies. >>> we think it's normal the personality traits they share that doctors believe could be the secrets to longevity. did waves a area school district says is a way to make sure that no child is left behind. but some parents are saying it's racist. this display is in more than one dozen teachers rooms and the reeds keeping the are black and brown boys in mind. what does that mean? robert lyles the story only see on cbs five. did police i personally would change the picture is worth a thousand words and how many words to these all the elementary parents students summoned after looking at more than surrounded by the slogan. they can have used more appropriate wording. typically and seen some kind of
today to honor chuck brown and tried to give him a goodbye worthy of being the godfather of go go. >> he was a -- this was a four- hour music-filled memorial at the washington community center. it came two days after a public viewing in howard theatre. the district officials recognize brown's legacy and vowed not to forget him. mayor vince gray will introduce a bill to rename a park in d.c. for chuck brown. eleanor homees norton the there to be a national chuck brown day and d.c. chairman brown wants there to be an entire go go hall of fame. >>> president obama spent the day trading jokes with former president george w. bush. bush's presidential portrait was unveiled at the white house today with his wife. and it's the first time the former president has been back to the white house in more than two years. he said the two have their differences and want america to succeed and bush had an inspiring -- for obama. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you were wandering the halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to game at this portrait and ask what would ge
transcends jazz. you have bob marlly who develops a general reand -- genre. you have chuck brown who develops a genre and transcends that. >> reporter: paying homage to chuck brown will be a host of stars like donny simpson and huggy lowdown. the chuck brown bands will also perform. >> his death should change people's minds. >> reporter: the people who will be performing at the washington convention center tomorrow for chuck brown's funeral tell me this town has never seen the type of musical sendoff we'll see. add to that much of the world still don't know much about go go music and tomorrow could end up being one for the history books. >> gospel, jazz, blues, go go. especially go go will send chuck off in a manner that's fitting of a king. >> reporter: doors open at 10:00. the funeral is set to begin two hours later after 14,500 people have entered the doors, the doors will be closed. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> on wednesday d.c.'s congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton introduce add resolution to the house of representatives that would create a chuck brown day this year
, but the most important thing that eisenhower did was to appoint federal judges committed to defending brown, and he appointed them particularly in the fourth and fifth circuits in the south, and he appointed men like frank johnson who was the federal judge in alabama who in 1965 cleared the way for martin luther king's "entourage" to go from selma to montgomery. frank johnson has spent 44 years on the federal bench, so he would appoint those kind of judges. he appointed ronald davies who is the presiding federal judge in little rock. we'll get back to that, and he appointed, of course, five men to the supreme court, earl warren, john marshall harlan, william brennan, potter stewart, charles evans whittaker is probably his weakest appointment. all five of them committed to the enforcement of brown. and william brennan, any of you know your supreme court history, was not a far right conservative in any way, shape or form. eisenhower actually nominated him when he was in the midst of an election campaign in the fall of '56, and he did that partly for political reasons, too. he wanted a catholi
general herbert brownell anticipated violence from almost the moment the brown decision was made. and they early on, the 101st airborne division that was sent into little rock in 1957 was trained in riot control. this was not for riots in europe. they anticipated there it might be an alternative to using the one legal out that he had which was to use the troops, hoping not to do it. but he did. but little rock is the defense of the brown iceburg. and i would point out to you that eisenhower could have chosen not to send troops. people assumed he was forced to. he chose to. he chose to very quickly. he didn't quaver around about much of the commentaries say. the time line was very short. as you mentioned, ernie, faubus announced the national guard to patrol the school on the night of september 2nd. they there there in the morning of september 3rd. on september 4th herbert brownell held a news conference and indicated specifically with the president's approval that one of the options the president could use was to use troops to enforce the supreme court decision. faubus sent a hot
large crowd that we have assembled here. not too surprising. fans of course flocked to chuck brown's concerts it see him perform live and now they're flocking to the d.c. convention center to celebrate his life. ♪ ♪ ♪ wintd me up, chicauck. >> reporter: this woman grabbed her spot at the head of the line at 8:00 last night. >> i wanted to make sure i get in and my family came. and chuck is like that. he bring everybody together. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: chuck proun could always pack the house. and his memorial service is no different. thousands of people are expected to attend. the crowd so big that the service is being held in the d.c. convention center. >> i just wanted to be here to feel the atmosphere. to feel the love that chuck brown has gathered throughout the city. >> wonderful. his legacy, his encouragement, his peace, his love, his happiness, everything. his music, phenomenal. wonderful, wonderful energy. >> reporter: brown's rose-covered casket sat the front of the stage. behind it drums, keyboards and microphones. that's because this service will be as much about the
will honor the life of chuck brown. ] they will pack the washington convention center for a three- hour service. donnie simpson will host the service. chuck brown died two weeks ago after battling pneumonia. he was 75-years old. multiple crews covering tamara's memorial service. tune into our newscast to marron good morning washington. can log onto and our social media websites as well. coming up, selling success with a 6-year-old. find out whether this little girl in our region continues in the spelling bee. >> >> following a developing story from seattle where a gunman shot and killed four people. this started with a shooting in a cafe. it spread to a carjacking near the university of washington. across the city, it ended when the gunmen took his own life. >> it made me nervous. i live in this neighborhood. i have never seen anything like this before. >> the suspect saw the uniformed officers in the middle of the street and put a gun to his head and shot himself. >> during the manhunt nearby schools and businesses were placed on lockdown. the identity has not been released. i
for fans of the god father of go go. a public memorial is being held for chuck brown. >>> this will not just be a somber event it will include the songs and sounds that made him a music legend. melanie alnwick is live outside the dc convention center with more on what is to come. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. as we have been talking about, chuck brown's performances were legendary. the send off to him has been nothing less. thousands are expected to come here to the washington convention sent tore get a seat for today's -- center, to get a seat for today's musical tribute and memorial service. one people say will be quite the party. chuck brown created a style washingtonians have been proud to call their own one many contemporary musicians incorporated into their sound. notables from gospel, jazz. soul, and r&b will send off the god father of go go in a macer he would be proud of. he died may 1st, from complications of pneumonia. fans respected the man as well adds the musician a guy who would arrange his performance schedule to make sure he could s
sorry, ms. brown. let's reset for time. -- hard time. please proceed -- let's reset her time. please proceed. >> my name is -- brown. i am a mother. why are we spending money on this when we have all of our children being murdered on the streets. we have young men that are being murdered on the streets of san francisco, and still no justice, still no money, no nothing. we can use this money to solve our cases. my son is still laying up there at the graveyard, with a cold case. i say this because i have been here before, concerning the fire chief. i am bringing this up. i have nothing against these people, but, i mean, ross was there when my child was murdered. i support him, because he has been there when our children have the industry. you get a fire chief at be her husband, and you have nothing about that. where are the standards? i've nothing against this man, michael. he murdered his father. he murdered his father. and he still was the assistant sheriff. the assistant sheriff. where is the standard for that? and not on the that, in jail, he was not a model prisoner. but he came
a ridiculous can of -- [mic turned off] [applause] >> my name is tracy brown. i wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. it is hard for me to come out and speak at a 11:00 at night. there are a lot of other people who would love to be here. i worked on his campaign. it was a great campaign. we were successful at getting him collected. when he did win, all of the kids i work with, they said, finally, you won an election. [laughter] i have campaigned my life -- my entire life. it is my folly. -- value. crime reduction, the way we deal with homeless. the way we deal with this is also a san francisco value. i am pleased with how the session went. i have faith in our system. ross has been there for the people. he has heard our voices. i do not have to explain that. there were some voices that were not heard. as a woman, i have to say, if this was my family put on trial, i would be devastated. i hope that you, as people to support women, you look at what she is going through. hear her voice and allow her voice to a marriage. you heard a lot about ross. you have not heard about his
. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm terrell brown. we begin with syria and efforts to end the 15-month assault to forces opposed to bashar al assad. rebel leaders have given the government to observe the u.n. cease-fire plan. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says the security council cannot force syria to end the bloodshed. other actions outside the u.n. may be necessary. susan mcginnis in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. there's new video out by rebel forces that apparently shows new attacks by the government. now, this all has lawmakers here on capitol hill calling for action on the part of the u.s. smoke rises from rooftops in homs. syrian rebels say this amateur video is proof government troops have no intention of halting attacks on civilians. the shelling follows the new discovery of 13 bodies in eastern syria and the massacre of more than 100 people in houla last week. resident al assad refuses to implement the united nations peace plan and blames the violence on terrorists. u.n. monitors say forces loyal to the government are responsible. >> we think
brown at the public viewing. people stood all day long, at times in the rain, to pay their respects to "the godfather" of go-go. today they can expect the funeral service to begin with a very traditional feel. there'll be appearances by city leaders and entertainers including -- more are expected to be announced. but before the close of service, there will be a live performance of a medley of brown's music. now, donnie simpson will serve as host. there will be special performances by the chuck brown band by sugar bear, maysa, james funk and others. when they reach capacity, they will shut doors and not allow anyone else in the public inside. folks who are coming down here are encouraged to take metro. i'm tracee wilkins reporting leave in the northwest. "news 4." >> tracee, thank you. you can watch the memorial live starting at noon on our website and on nbc washington nonstop. channel 208 vios. cox 460 and 4.2 over the air. >>> this morning we're waiting for prince george's police to feed a man they say took his own life after a domestic dispute. neighbors say a m
have found my place here and i have mentioned, i began my career here in 1996 with mayer brown. i realized then in my 20's that i needed to pursue higher education. and it helped the mayor said he would never give me a raise or promotion on till i went back to school. i enrolled in the university of san francisco law school. i got my j.d. and pass the bar. -- passed the gar. -- bar. [applause] san francisco has been my home. six years ago i was married here on the steps almost six years ago to this month. [applause] some are clapping, some are not. [laughter] it has been a fundamental time for my family and i having been nominated. by mayor ed lee and i am grateful to that community and i am grateful to the mayor and the board of supervisors who are considering this nomination. i vow to do the best job i possibly can for the city and i have -- as i have done from the outset of my city career. i will continue to draw inspiration and guidance from the black woman in our history and culture who have paved the way for me and others with their relentless fight against prejudice and int
and friends say goodbye to chuck brown. >>> a memorial service is held at the washington convention center where we find melanie alnwick live this morning. good morning mel. >> reporter: good morning allison. well, you know chuck brown's musical performances were legendary and the send off to him as been nothing less. already several hundred people lined up here at the washington convention center, trying to get in and get a seat for today's musical tribute, and memorial service and it is going to be quite a block party. out here in front of the washington convention center, shouting autoa familiar refrain of wind me up chuck. as they get ready for a final goodbye to chuck brown. he created a style, washingtonians were proud to call their own. one contemporary musicians have incorporated into their own sound. he was a guy who would arrange his performance schedule around his family, a street kid who ran into a little bit of trouble early on but worked hard to make his dreams come true the outpouring of love and appreciation goes on and on just like chuck brown's music. >> i want to be a pa
, thousands gathering to pay last respects to chuck brown at the washington convention southwester. derrick ward joins us live with details. >> reporter: a big day it was indeed. no one can remember there ever being a funeral at the convention center. this is actually more like a go-go but judging by the reaction and responses to everyone here that was just fine. take a look at the scene now. it was more sweat than tears at this going home service for go-go i con chuck brown. in the hall that seated 14,000 people just about every seat was taken for testimonials from old friends, lots of music, and not just gospel but lots of go-go music as well. there were prayers and a mini concert at the end of the ceremony. lots of speakers from the city and from chuck brown's circle of friends and even his family. but among the most popular speakers today was ward 8 council member marion barry. >> chuck brown was about teaching people and reaching people. letting them know that they could be anything that they wanted to be. that they could perform anywhere they wanted to perform. another thing about chu
of go-go. that is supposed to cull main ate in a wonderful final sendoff for chuck brown. the service itself will run from noon to 4:00 p.m. the city is urging people to take metro. the doors here at the convention center will open at 10:00 this morning. attendance will be capped at 14,500 people. certainly a capacity crowd expected here. 75-year-old brown died may 17th from come indications of knew mope i can't after a lengthy hospital stay. of his a performer to the end, scheduled to play a sold-out show at the howard theater but he fell ill just days before that. fans remember him for his spirit and endurance. he adopted the term go-go for his music because he said it went on and o a fitting sendoff in chuck brown style. first, crowds packed into the howard theater to see him one last time with his iconic hat. a long musical tribute is planned for his memorial service. >> some of the music and entertainers from gospel industry, from jazz, from r & b and soul. >> reporter: donnie simpson will host the memorial service. here is a partial list of the speakers and performers. erform ag
. >>> it was a sendoff like no other. washington, d.c., had a find farewell to chuck brown today. and i hear there are many, many highlights. >> reporter: i'm having difficulty hearing you and you know what? it's hard to pick -- this is good they turned it over to chuck brown and to the musicians and the fans who were personally caught by the godfather of go go uck hear the calls of the funeral home in celebration and the party started long before the program and with some long lines outside and long lines inside. >> reporter: people stopped first to sign an oversized drawing. >> this is tough today. >> reporter: this longtime radio favorite played host. >> i'm a dj. and when i start it like this, hit it. throughout is the program it was a larger-than-lifevo. >> and every time i'm seven years old, started playing the piano. >> reporter: city officials are preparing permanent monuments. >> and i'm going to send over a piece of legislation to the council. >> chuck brown loved d.c. and we loved him back. >> reporter: d.c.'s congressional delegate is interviewing a resolutions to designate augus
the supreme court decision on brown was right, they would drive you out of the state either by fear, by cutting you off from all your friends, by cutting your wife off. i mean, they just made-- in effect, they snuffed out freedom of speech. so freedom of speech was a very real issue in this thing-- whether an editor had the right, the willingness, the courage to say the things that in his heart-- and i should say "her," because hazel brannon smith in mississippi in holmes county was just so ferocious and so courageous. and so punished. punished. i mean, they just stripped her, and they set out to crush her economically, as they did so many other people. so these were very nice, genteel, soft police states. and, ken, i would just say that it was an accident, i think, that david halberstam came to work for the tennessean at the moment a very bright, a very-- a very courageous group of young african-american students had enrolled themselves in four local institutions of higher education: fisk, meharry, tennessee state, and american baptist college. and those young students really began
it off brown and down. no icing here. zidlicky with 4:20 gone in the first sudden overtime period. >> eddie: robinson is absolutely apoplectic on the bench. they waved one off. he was just screaming at the linesman. >> mike: 20 consecutive years in the playoffs. 20 consecutive years in the nhl. 18 with montreal, two with los angeles. >> eddie: one of the top seven defensemen at all time. would you agree? >> mike: and the outstanding plus/minus player in history. no one close. no one probably going to get close. scuderi cancelled out by gionta. ponikarovsky. kovalchuk holding. firing one. that was directed wide. moving in is salvador. to the corner. ponikarovsky back to him. salvador around behind. kovalchuk with it there. run into by kopitar. kopitar led it off a. if you have the puck you could be hit. it's what's been happening all night long between the two teams and in every playoff game. the nature of the sport. controlled now by dustin brown and led across for doughty to bring on. the canadian olympian brought it back. harassed there by nolan. turning the other way with it is
rain today. back to you guys at the desk. >> thank you. >>> chuck brown's public memorial service is being held today at the washington convention center from noon until 4:00 p.m. the city is urging the public to take metrorail or bus. doors will open for this at 10:00 a.m. and attendance will be capped at 14,500 people. >> if you are not one of the thousands of people going to the memorial service, can you watch it streaming live on we'll begin our coverage when the service begins at noon today. >>> the suspect accused of shooting five people in seattle is now dead. police say the man killed four people in a cafe yesterday morning. shortly after that, they believe the same man killed a woman in an apparent carjacking. police say the man put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger as they approached him. >>> a popular street in d.c. is getting ready to get a major makeover. >> i project will rip up sidewalks and other parts of the area. the idea is to make it better. but as wisdom martin flanes, -- plains, it will be a mess once the work starts. >> reporter: construc
of students and the slogan reads and keeping our black and brown boys in mind. uruguay's rubber plows explain some teachers one that theyre removed. >>> almost every school has ribbons are trophies on display of the baldwin school here and says they have something much more on display the pictures as he mentions a i-hop only a black and latino boy is well below " elk grove school district tells me is a plan to close the achievement gap but others tell cbs five when you're about to see is a racist. american and latino boys surrounded by this slogan. keeping our black and brown boys in mind. >>> they could use more appropriate wording. or i've seen some kind of racism. using this is racist? >>> yes. >>> of impulsive nature is in the room at the start of the school year been told the principal who is african- american and seven years after the pictures of go up but she drove off tonight with him yet cbs denied asylum i half, prof. development. compared to white and asian boyz it teaches that all 19 campuses in the district were asked to aideed black and latino boys to boost them from basic t
, the brown decision had been decided. it had been unevenly enforced. there had been the little rock crisis. but really, nobody knew whether and when or how school desegregation would really happen in the south. the justice department was trying to enforce existing civil rights laws, but there were holes in existing civil rights laws. it was mentioned earlier that under president eisenhower's watch, the 1957 civil rights act was enacted. the 1960 civil rights act that gave the justice department additional powers to enforce civil rights. but really still very, very significant constraints on what the justice department can do. the naacp is caught up with the struggle of trying to implement brown versus the board of education and then there was martin luther king who was catapulted to prominence with the montgomery busboy cot. in 1955 and 1956. but king is also looking in 1960, '61 for ways to push the movement forward. so what the context was a lot had been done. desegregation of the military, brown versus board of education. president kennedy and robert kennedy were both racial liberals. t
from the final farewell to check brown. the behind-the-scenes look as bands that will pay tribute will prepare for tomorrow's service. >>> it's a rare night here in d.c we have been dealing with m we are storm-free tonight and it looks like we've got a really nice overnight temperature prediction and comfortable humidity. what's ahead for thursday and the weekend? i'll have that forecast a bit later. >>> tonight on the news edge at 11:00, a major security breach at a u.s. airport. how a man was able to by pass security and sneak on to a plane. how he got busted.  >>> tomorrow will mark the final good-bye for the godfather of go-go. public memorial service for chuck brown will begin at noon at the washington convention center. it will be full of energy, just like brown always was. ♪ >> reporter: les jones and the seven sons of soul, just one of the groups that will be performing. warming up during rehearsal at the perfect found studio in hyattsville. they credited chuck brown with creating go-go, coming up with an original sound and being a leader. >> when we were ki
of these asian pacific heritage month associations, mayor willie brown. >> this evening, we are celebrating our communities from all over the world. i am so lucky to be the mayor of an international city. we talked a lot about diversity, but we also celebrates in so many ways. it is marvelous to hear the names of all these council generals from all around the world. we also have some invaluable participants that represent the city relations. from osaka, singapore, shanghai, taipei, and seoul, korea. they're working with our offices and communities to promote education, trade, allow ourselves to educate ourselves continuously about the need to have a more advanced, smarter immigration policy for our country. and also one that we enjoy celebrating because we get a lot of talent from the other countries, which is why we want to be a gateway to the world. that is why we enjoy the celebration so much. with that, i like to invite former mayor willie brown and also the supervisors, please join us on the stage and be part of the witness and of the signing of the proclamation for this year imposed a cel
brown. >> come on, d.c.! >> a lively public memorial for the godfather of go-go has just wrapped up at the d.c. convention center this afternoon. brown died may 16th at the age of 75. today city leaders talked about naming a day, a park, and a hall of fame in his honor. noting how his blend of percussian, funk, and call-in response lyrics helped define d.c.'s culture. brown's brothers say it wasn't just his music but his character that meant so much to his fans. >> chuck showed a lot of humility and love and cared for people in need. he took the time to sign autographs and embrace those who just wanted to say hello. >> news 4's derrick ward will have more on today's service and plans to honor chuck brown's legacy coming up at 5:00. >>> a breast feeding awareness campaign in washington state is sparking both applause and outrage. we should warn you we are going to show you some images that could be a bit revealing. the online campaign features a photo of two women in the air force breast feeding their babies. they're doing it in uniform. the air force did not approve this photo and s
that willie brown told me. he said one of john's constituents lived a message and john called the constituent back. the constituent made her case. then she heard from john. at the end of the conversation, she called willie brown and said, i just got the worst conversation from john burton. he we -- he used words whenever use. and he said, you should be thrilled he called you back. [laughter] with that, i would like to introduce to you the honorable john burton. [applause] >> does anybody ever believe anything willie brown ever tells them? [laughter] i do not. anyway, thank you, mark. anyway, it is a pleasure and honor to be here as a guy who grew up in the sunset and spend an awful lot of time in the park. and have nancy pelosi in between john f. kennedy and martin luther king, jr., is not a bad place to be. i would like to say that. [applause] and that is, for those of us that follow hockey, that is a real hat trick, but 25 years ago, a little bit more, when we were involved in a congressional campaign. i think we all thought we were going to win, but i do not know if we ever thought that 25
for funeral plans for chuck brown. >>> plus the study just released says the mineral zinc could be used in saving the lives of sick babies around the world. that's coming up next. >>> and i'm topper shutt. 83 today's. that's about average. wakeup weather, a cold front goes through. it's going to be a great thursday. 58-68 to start. mid 60s and mid 70s by 9:00. we'll come back and see if today is shower free and talk >>> in tonight's health alert, a new study out tonight shows a simple supplement could help save infants from deadly infections. doctors in india have shown scombling easy to take -- zinc, easy to take, low cost can save baby's lives. the study shows adding zinc to antibiotic treatment given to babies with pneumonia, sepsis or meningitis made it 40% less likely the drugs would fail. today we asked an infectious disease specialist at children's medical center about what this could mean for children around the globe. >> the infections are very serious. probably 25-30% of children die with these infections, so it's a very large proportion of children infected by this and theref
-- in the city of st. francis, with a sense of gratitude and neutral respect. the we black, white, brown, or red, we are all god's children. mavis in vacation -- may this invocation be accepted and the record show that in the city of st. francis, black history 2012 celebrated in truth the contribution, culture, and history of african-americans, and their contributions to this nation and to this great city. let us say a man. -- amen. >> thank you, reverend dyson. ok. with that, we are going to move to the next item on the agenda, which is the singing of "lift every voice and sing," the negro national anthem. it is in your program. the words in your program. we are only going to sing the first stanza. we are not going to sing all three versus of it. in your program. please stand. >> everyone join in with singing the national anthem, "lift every voice and sing," by james weldon johnson. ♪ lift every voice and sing till earth and heaven ring rang with the harmony of liberty let our rejoicing rise high as the listening skies let it resume armed -- resound loud as the roaring sea sing a song full of
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